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Select Y to view underground biomes (Minecraft 1.18+). Sea level is at Y=62.


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  • Choose larger ranges if there are no results for a long time.
  • The arrangement of the biomes in Minecraft 1.18+ is not completely random, for example you will not find hot desert and cold snow biomes right next to each other, or both in a smaller area.
  • Most structures only generate in certain biomes.
  • The seed finder uses CPU power. On mobile devices, the CPU uses battery power.
  • Try Cubiomes Viewer for advanced and fast seed finding. (Cubiomes Viewer)


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What is mcseedmap.net?

An online Minecraft seed map viewer and seed finder that helps you locate biomes and structures and find the seeds you want.

It shows a browseable map for a given seed with biomes, terrain estimation, and structures like Villages and Ocean Monuments.

It also can be used to find seeds with specific biomes and structures within a given area.


What is a seed?

A Minecraft world seed is a unique number or string of characters that is used to initialize the random generator when creating a new world in Minecraft. This seed determines the layout of terrain, structures, and other features in the world. The same seed generates the same world every time, allowing players to share seeds to explore the same world or create specific landscapes.

What is a seed map?

A Minecraft seed map is a visual representation of a Minecraft world generated using a specific seed. It shows the layout of terrain, biomes, structures, and other features of the world, allowing players to preview what the world will look like before actually creating it in the game. Seed maps can help players choose interesting or desirable worlds to explore or build in.

How accurate is it?

Biomes are pretty accurate. Note that the actual shorelines of rivers and oceans do not follow biome boundaries exactly.
Structure positions are accurate to within a few blocks, but some structures may be missing, and there may be structures that are not generated in the game.
Java structure finding is more accurate than Bedrock because there is more information available about the algorithms.
Spawn positions can be completely wrong for some seeds. Java spawn estimation is more accurate than Bedrock.

Is it cheating?

While using a seed map can reveal the locations of biomes or structures like End Portals without the need for exploration or Ender Eyes, whether it's considered cheating is subjective and depends on the player's perspective. Some players enjoy the challenge of finding structures through exploration, while others prefer to use tools like seed maps for convenience. Ultimately, it's up to each player to decide what they consider fair or enjoyable in their gameplay experience.

Are Java and Bedrock seeds the same?

Since Minecraft version 1.18, seeds generate the same terrain and biomes on Java and Bedrock editions, but trees, grass and structures will be different.

Why is the map not loading?

The site uses modern technologies such as WebAssembly, which are not supported by older browsers. Check that you have updated your browser to the latest version.

Pro tip! If you are more serious about seeds, need high performance and advanced seed finding features, the open source Cubiomes Viewer desktop app is for you.



  • Added Nether and End dimensions for Java and Bedrock
  • Added Nether structures for Java and Bedrock
  • Added End structures for Java
  • Added Overworld structures for Bedrock 1.16 & 1.17


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.21
  • Villages are marked by a green icon if it is a zombie village (Java only)


  • Updated cubiomes library to the latest version
  • More accurate 1.21 Trial Chambers


  • Added Java 1.21 preview version
  • Updated 1.21 Trial Chambers for Java 24w21a and Bedrock (Trial Chambers are less likely to generate in the Deep Dark)


  • Terrain estimation is available at higher zoom-out levels.
  • Improved structure marker calculation speed.
  • Improved page load speed.
  • Added biome sample images and Minecraft Wiki links to the right-click menu.
  • Added Portuguese (Brazilian) to site languages.
  • Added Hindi to Minecraft languages.


  • Added high resolution terrain rendering


  • Tools and settings have been moved to the top bar menu.
  • Added structures to the seed finder.
  • Faster biome finder.


  • The site now has a feature to search for seeds with selected biomes.


  • Large Biomes world type is now available in the Minecraft version selector (Java only).


mcseedmap.net is created by Balázs Farkas ("megasys").

Biomes and structures are calculated from seed using the cubiomes library created by Cubitect and other contributors.

Map colors are from cubiomes, inspired by Amidst.

The browseable map is displayed using OpenLayers.

Translations were made with ChatGPT 3.5, with some human review where possible.

Open source libraries used:

mcseedmap.net is not an official Minecraft service, and not approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft.

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